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Introduction to sustainable energy systems

Sustainable or renewable energy is energy that has been made without using up supplies of fossil fuels. It can be continuously made for ever and will never run out.


Examples are solar, wind, water (hydro, wave or tidal) and wood (biomass).

Usually this energy is made with absolutely minimal pollution or impact on the earth and thus is extremely environmentally friendly. Given the fact that the earth WILL eventually run out of polluting fossil fuels and that nuclear power is so environmentally dangerous, it seems highly likely that it is only a matter of time before the whole world will be exclusively running on renewable energy…

Many people already know this (all too well) and want to make a contribution to working towards renewables now by investing in a proper domestic system at home. SUSTAINERGY have helped hundreds of normal householders find a system that is most suitable for them and work out whether it is feasable (both technically and economically) on their particular site (roof, garden or field etc).

In the past people have spent many years working towards such a project due to various obstacles – planning, financial, access, lack of information etc. However nowadays with better prices, accommodating planning offices and accepted use installing a renewable system at home or on the farm has never been easier. We endeavour to ensure that once you have decided upon a system we will have it installed and commissioned within 3 weeks of order.

Our customers vary from urban house-owners to rural small-holders, from local councils to large farms, from campervans to country mansions – everyone and every site has the potential for harnessing renewable energy and we can tell you which sort is most suitable.

Cost is the most important consideration, and the government has given us all a helping hand by offering generous Feed In Tariff’s– we are accredited installers under the FIT’s scheme which means we have passed strict tests to ensure quality of installation, and also allows you to claim the FIT’s (tax free AND index linked for 20 years!).

Each year your ‘homegrown’ green energy earns you an income (you have a special electricity meter installed) and reduces your electricity bill by a certain amount of money. Payback is the number of years it takes for you to recoup your initial investment and start gaining, financially. Some systems pay back better than others:

Generally a Solar PV site should payback in 7-9 years, whereas a good Wind site will take 4-8 years to payback.